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How does it work?
Promote Classyhand products on your website or social media platform and refer visitors to shop at Classyhand.com through your link. Once you refer visitors and they buy products from the Classyhand catalog, you start earning easy commission. You may promote products using links, banners and any other professionally designed tool and link up your website with www.classyhand.com/(your personal link). In short, sign up for the Classyhand Affiliate Program and start earning more.
How do i get paid?
Affiliates recieve commission through PayPal
  • $10 profit on every order you get (including our free products)Bilderesultat for affiliate banner earn

Why Classyhand Affiliate?

Classyhand Affiliate program is free to join. Affiliates earn $10 commission for any sales that they generate for us. Affiliates get to choose from a huge selection of product categories. We also have better conversion rates due to our FREE products.  



Magnus Vollen, Founder Classyhand


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